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Warrior Within is thrilled to release our most recent collaborative project, a special photo series, captured by the visionary photographer, Julia Muse. Taking place in the Mojave desert, this shoot is a symbolic full circle journey for Warrior Within, as the Warrior Within Vision was first conceived in the desert in 2008.  As we complete a cycle of 7 years in business, there’s no better place we’d prefer to celebrate, and we take this opportunity to reflect on what it means to create something in the mirage of desolation.

 “Desert medicine invokes within us the power to explore ourselves, free of outside influence,” shares photographer and project director Julia Muse. “In order to receive desert medicine we must be able to tune into the subtle life that is all around us, because despite the lack of water, our greatest life bearing resource, the desert is full of life both visible & unseen.”

Like the unseen miracles of life within the desert, so too does a woman posses hidden magic within herself, even in the most desolate places where there seems to be no life, there in fact exists complex ecosystems life giving systems, waiting to be discovered. Warrior Within see’s this beauty, strength, and magic in every woman, and uses the expression of clothing and fashion to help women tap into that magic. This is exactly what Julia Muse captures, and what makes this project so special, because Julia understands the same hidden potentials of the inner desert of a woman, once a woman opens herself to its life giving vastness. Julia beautifully captures the parallel metaphors in the chosen settings, each picture in supportive collaboration with the model and the clothes.

As Julia eloquently states, “There is something so magical about clothing, that allows us permission to explore different forms of our being. Clothing has such an impact on our presence, the art of appearance is a magic that can alchemize one's perception and experience. The clothing of Warrior Within creates a story & inspires movement towards a more magical, playful reality.” In returning to the desert, we are so happy to see through the lens of Julia's images a continued playful energy and vitality inspiring our line of clothing for women. We invite you to sit with this new photo series, and consider your own relationship with desert spaces...

What blossoming bounty is within your incredible desert space, dear warrior?  





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