Music & Fashion for Homeless Youth in San Francisco

Music & Fashion for Homeless Youth in San Francisco

The collaboration of art and activism is important for social and environmental progress. Some may think of philanthropy as only an act of monetary support, when in fact there are many creative ways to contribute to a charitable cause that goes beyond the donation of money.  At Warrior Within, we understand this role and speak its language, having participated in philanthropic collaborations since our inception in 2008. We proudly contribute to numerous non-for-profit efforts each year, using our tools in fashion as a medium for positive impact. Warrior Within not only sells captivating woman's festival and rave clothing to our growing tribe, but we also believe in giving back to the community through philanthropic endeavors. 

In our past we had the pleasure of contributing to Solid Ground, a benefit concert + fashion show spearheaded by Midtown Social, in support of the Homeless Youth Alliance, a non-for-profit organization serving the needs of homeless youth in San Francisco. The organization helps homeless youth build better lives through mental health services, work exchange programs, arts therapy, skill building, and medical support. A night of smooth soul-funk music and vivacious models in Warrior Within's woman's festival and rave clothing custom designs, attracted the likes of advocates, artists, and supporters ready to rally around the cause.


Solid Ground raised funds to help HYA purchase a building for their new headquarters center in the Haight Ashbury district, where their efforts are most targeted and needed. In our conversation with Suzanne Rivecca, development director at HYA, she told us that due to building developments and increased rent, they lost the lease on their center in the Haight, and have since struggled to maintain consistency in their programming because they keep having to change locations.

“We’ve been working from the public library,” Suzanne told us, “but it’s difficult not having a center where we can expand our programs and where the youth know they can come to.”

We were moved by their efforts and wanted to support them reach their goals and continue their programs. So we’ve decided to team up and support their “Project Runaway” program, a fashion design and fashion show production the youth put on that features their custom made fashions on the runway. Warrior Within felt out woman's festival and rave clothing background would offer value to such a partnership! We’ll be donating our extra fabric pieces to HYA to help them subsidize their material expenses so they may continue this awesome program. We’ll be giving them different styles of fabrics from our production house, including custom tie-dye pieces. The continuation of this program will give the youth a creative outlet for expression through dress and fashion, while developing their skills in design, tailoring, leadership, managing projects and goals, and so much more!

Additionally, we both have vested interest in the Haight. Warrior Within’s partner Jammin’ On Haight- our custom tie-dye partner- has its storefront centrally located in the Haight at Masonic, the same area where youth are often found panhandling on the corners. Because HYA is also focused in this exact area, our shared intersection at this prominent location presents a perfect opportunity to bring awareness to their cause via window display installations, featuring some of the youth's work as a result of HYA’s programming. There are also opportunities for setting up work exchange jobs to help youth reintegrate into employment and working.

These are so just a few examples showing innovative ways an individual or company can get involved in supporting a cause or non-for-profit, that’s not in the form of money exchange. We have supplies, services, ideas, voices, and creativity that is so valuable when put to good use. So lets use it, share it, flex it, and exercise our ability to support one another and those organizations who are dedicating themselves to social and environmental justice. You can do it too!

We encourage you to see what’s going on in your community and consider some new ways you can get involved. Lets collaborate to support the causes that are important to our communities!

Warrior Within sells woman's festival clothing along with hippie festival rave wear. We continually launch new woman's fashion collections so be sure to visit our site often! 

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