About Us

The Warrior Within Journey

Warrior Within and the creations born from its wings are an extension of a continued healing and spiritual journey.  These creations begin as lucid dreams and carefully manifest themselves into physical form.

The sacred dance of creating this company has been like a prayer to those involved.  The warrior way of life is a continuation of that prayer every moment of every day. It began with one woman, one onesie and a big dream. Today Warrior Within has evolved into a global Onesie Love tribe of people saying Yes to truth, Yes to love, Yes to the light, Yes to themselves!  

The Warrior Within journey is really about self love and self acceptance.  The Warrior Onesie is simply a second skin.  The magic is not in the garment the magic is in the moment YOU realize and accept that you are magnificent.  It takes courage but to love yourself is to be happy and to be happy is the most powerful thing you can be for the good of all. You are what you’ve been waiting for. Be sure to shop our website for women's festival clothing and rave outfits to showcase your authentic self!


ONE Planet - Our Mother Earth

As guardians of this earth it is very important to us to leave as small a footprint as possible.  This is one of the many reasons we chose to produce our products locally.  We utilize every tool at our disposal to minimize waste in our business operation and production process.   Every scrap of fabric generated is recycled or donated to local schools. Rest assured, every women's festival clothing, rave outfits, and everything in between sold to our customers is done so in a sustainable way.   

ONE People - American Made

All Warrior Within garments are proudly made in San Francisco, California, USA by talented and celebrated local artisans.  It is the Warrior Within commitment to support the local economy so that our artistic community and the families it supports may thrive.  We proudly support local non-profit efforts that are in line with our philosophy specifically breast cancer awareness, animal rights and the protection of green space. Warrior Within is proud to say all women's festival clothing and rave outfits are made right here in the America. 

ONEsie LOVE - We Are

Warrior Within is a family business co-owned and operated by husband and wife team Jen and Grant Patten.  This beautiful project has evolved into a thriving Onesie Love community of incredible people boldly allowing themselves to be who they really are.

Together we stand united as a tribe of seekers…eternal is our quest to connect, explore, invoke and engage our inner guidance, the unique voice within us. True change begins from within, to change the world we must start there, and from there literally anything is possible.

Please shop Warrior Within's website for the highest quality women's festival clothing, rave outfits, men's clothing, exclusive collections and collaborations.

One Planet, One People, ONEsie Love