Warrior Within Designs Guide To Music Festival & Rave Recovery

Warrior Within Designs Guide To Music Festival & Rave Recovery

Every festival or rave goer has been here before - you wake up from a magical night out with friends but you feel terrible. Physically and mentally you are drained from the night before. Both rave and music festivals, when done right, will take a lot out of you. Even if you workout consistently, the mental stimulation at festivals is sure to drain you the next day.

Warrior Within Designs have been to our fair share of raves and festivals. We also offer a robust line of hippie festival clothing for women and men. So when we combine our experience and our awesome product line, we have a few tips tricks for recovering better from a night of pure bliss.

It's all about how you prepare

Setting yourself up for success or failure always comes down to how you prepare. If you've already chosen the perfect hippie festival clothing outfit and now you're heading into a long rave weekend, it's wise to prepare a few weeks in advance.

We advise before leaving for the festival, complete all your laundry and ensure your living space in nice and clean. You want to return to a relaxing environment with limited household chores still left to do. Carve out a few minutes during your work week to prepare for your festival recovery.

Procure Everything you need for recovery ahead of time.

Please ensure you have lots of water along with enough food to keep you nourished the entire weekend. Also don't forget to keep any medications you may use easily accessible.

Place a bottle of water next to your bed before you leave for the festival, along with some pre-cooked meals, and a bottle of Advil, just in case. We also recommend laying out your hippie festival clothing outfit the night before.

Pace yourself at the event.

The majority of festivals and raves out there are marathon events, not sprints. The last thing you want to do is expel all your energy in the first few hours. Take your time and enjoy the show! If you decide to drink, have a glass of water between drinks to keep your hydration up.

It's also advisable to rest as much as possible. Warrior Within Designs understands you want to show off your hippe festival clothing outfit to as many people as possible - who would blame you! But you can still enjoy the music, turn heads, and have fun while taking mini breaks during the festival.

Care for your body.

Festivals and raves are super tough on your body. You work so hard in the gym and follow a strict diet to ensure you look fabulous in your hippie festival clothing. But going the extra mile with you body doing exercises like stretching every day and drinking enough water will keep your energy levels high and your body will be thankful for that effort. 

Be kind to yourself.

Life is hard enough! Be kind and gentle to yourself. What you think is what you become. So think positive, benevolent thoughts about yourself and watch your light shine brighten than ever. Plus, that new glow will have an amazing confidence effect whenever you decide to wear your hippie festival clothing at the next show!



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