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Are you looking for beautiful pieces that hug your curves and highlight your best features? You won't want to miss our hand made snip tease collection. 

Where Seductive Style Meets Sustainable Design

If you are looking for daring fashion made from natural fabrics, you are undoubtedly in the right place. Our snip tease collection is meant for bold women on a mission to embrace their bodies. This collection features jumpsuits, dresses, leggings, and bodysuits with tastefully placed cuts which are hand woven adding a fun peek-a-boo effect. 

Whether you are looking for festival fashion or everyday wear, you won't want to miss this limited-edition collection. Check it out today or explore all our lines today. 

Exude Confidence From Head to Toe

This collection is for confident women who aren't afraid to show who they really are. Whether you are looking for tease leggings, a slinky little dress, or a seductive bodysuit, you will love this warrior clothing collection. It's perfect for festivals, raves, and even a night at home. All our pieces feature stretchy materials that glide over your skin, making you feel like the goddess you are. They also come in extended sizes so you can show off all your curves. 

California-Made Fashion for Free-Spirited Women

Are you looking for warrior clothing that is as sustainable as it is beautiful? Our made-in-the-USA clothing for women is designed to be kind to our planet. All our pieces are locally produced, reducing our carbon emissions. Many of our pieces also feature natural, breathable materials for your comfort. 

It's Time to Unleash Your Inner Warrior Women

Are you ready to step into our boldest line yet and show the world all the power you hold? Check out our limited edition snip tease collection and place your order today. Want even more warrior wear? Browse all of our most popular collections.

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Snip Tease - Maroon n Black Stripe Bamboo Huntress Onesie
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Chocolate Suede Snipped Huntress Cinch Dress
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Bamboo Kylin Onesie - Snip Tease - 2 Colors
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Snip Tease - Bamboo Long Sleeve Huntress Dress - Warrior Within Designs ,Dress
Bamboo Long Sleeve Huntress Dress - SnipTease
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Purple Bamboo Lyra Bodysuit - Snip Tease
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Maroon Bamboo Lyra Bodysuit - SnipTease
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Maroon Bamboo Lyra Bodysuit - Snip Tease - Arm Cuts
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Sniptease - Diamond Back Bamboo Huntress Ladyhawke Onesie
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