Read our happy customer testimonials and what they had to say about their Warrior Within Clothing purchases! 

"LOVE my Warrior Within pants! I have 3...People are always stopping me to ask where I got them and if bell bottoms are back!! What, did they ever go away??" ~ Ester Luna


"I own several Warrior Within Rompers! The quality is amazing and you can tell they are made with love. Super comfortable to move in and great festival-wear!" ~ Erika Burg 


"I have been wearing Warrior Within for 7 years now. The styles are timeless and I feel AMAZING with Jenjen's designs and the way they hug ALL my curves in ALL the right ways! I honestly don't know where I'd be without my onesies, pants, and dresses from Warrior Within. They make me feel sexy, empowered, classy, and most importantly... COMFORTABLE! All I can say is... I WANT MORE!!!! Keep it up Jenjen & Grant y'all are on to something really good ;)"     ~Jennbabe ~ Herbalist/Farmer ~ Nevada City, CA
"I am a huge fan of Warrior Within Designs Clothing! I have a few pairs of their fashionable shorties, their long onesies also known as jumpsuits or rompers and I absolutely LOVE their bell bottoms! I also have a pair of their leggings that I love to do yoga in! I love wearing them to Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle and Symbiosis! If you're looking for some unique festival clothing that looks amazing on and makes you feel sexy, I highly recommend checking out the Warrior Within website!" ~ Cynnamon Simonson, Face painter from San Francisco, Ca. 

"The moment I put on a warrior within garment, a transformation takes place. There's a fresh new pep in my step. I look in the mirror and suddenly I am luminous and lightweight, like the garment itself.  I am free to be me. I am reminded of who I am and what I'm made of whenever I slip on my favorite warrior within piece....This is the magic of warrior within designs. It is an inexplicable feeling, so much so that one must only wear it to understand."   ~ Maria ~ Nurse & Yogini ~ Oakland, CA
"I may be Warrior Within's biggest and most dedicated fan.  I am the proud owner of several custom Warrior Within onesies in a rainbow of colors.  As I am 5'11" with some booty, Jen and her amazing designer, Erin, have been willing to patiently handcraft gorgeous, powerful, and form-fitting onesies that fit my unique frame.  I wear my onesies to dance, party, practice yoga, eat dinner with my in-laws, and everything in between.  My true and most powerful self is revealed when I don my onesies from Warrior Within. I am incredibly grateful to Jen and Erin and the energy they bring to their craft. "   ~Stephanie ~ Lawyer & budding psychotherapist ~ San Francisco, CA
"I stepped into my first Onesie in 2009 and the dance floor hasn't looked better since. I'm 6'1" and Warrior Within has hooked me up with a number of extra long custom orders fit perfectly to my shape and personal style, transforming any place I wear them into my personal runway."           ~Rebecca ~ Creative Director & Muse ~ Seattle, WA
"I have never received more compliments than I do in my Warrior Onesie. I feel like some sort of superhero in this little power suit.  I have been a proud customer since 2010. Thank you!"   ~Sarah, Massage Therapist, Maui, HA
"I always get mad compliments on the green pair of bellbottom pants that I bought from Warrior Within Designs. I can tell you how many ladies have looked down my pants to read your label! Thank you sea-star! Keep up the amazing work! " ~Regina ~ College Student, Aspiring Dancer ~ Fort Collins, CO