Tiana Zoumer Keep On Breathing Video

 Tiana Zoumer + Warrior Within Partnership

The Beginning
Once upon a time not so long ago I discovered the amazingness that is Tiana Zoumer. Upon my first encounter of her work I was gobsmacked, stopped in my tracks, literally left in awe of her talent, her confidence, her swagger.  She has a special ability to inspire you through her art even if you don’t share in the hooping medium. She made me feel like I could do anything...she is an inspiration machine...that was all before getting to know her.  Only later did I discover she is not only talented but incredibly awesome. She is a wonderfully grounded, dynamic, good hearted, wise and worldly creature.  She is anchored by her amazing sisters Tiffany and Tara. United these sisters stand in a commitment to live their lives their way.  We fell in love with them, their vision, their hearts...and so the next chapter began….  

Tiana Zoumer and Warrior Within Join Forces
Through the many wild and cosmic events that followed Warrior Within and Tiana Zoumer Enterprises chose to officially join forces in an ongoing partnership.  In the months to come we will proudly present the Warrior Zoumer Line of activated movement oriented gear.  Tiana will serve as the official Warrior Within spokeswoman and world wide ambassador of Onesie Love.   We are beyond honored and excited to embark on this very special and intimate journey...  

Introducing The Zoumer Onesie
All of the Warrior Within Onesies are named after super heroines.  It was only natural that we honor our newest Hooping Ninja Super Heroine with her very own Onesie.  Together with the Zoumer sisters we co-designed our most dynamic and exciting Onesie to date.  The Zoumer Onesie is in a class all its own perfect for performing, travel and lounging.  This comfortable, adjustable, fluid garment has its own niche within the Warrior Onesie collection.  To mark the debut of this ultra special Onesie we decided to create a video….  

Making of Keep On Breathing Video
The creation of this visual masterpiece was much like the creation of Warrior Within itself… direction came from dreams, prayer and meditation.  We called on our dear friends to help us turn this vision into reality.  First we called on Dov Bruyns owner of Muti Music to help select the perfect tune.  He led us to a track called “Keep on Breathing” by Australian artist Dysphemic & Miss Eliza.  The beautiful message of the song was beyond perfect for the project. To capture the visual magic we enlisted our trusted videographers at Sharehouse Photography and Tiana brought on her favorite photographer Julie Hanna to get the still shots.   Jen and Grant Patten along with Tiffany Zoumer oversaw the production of the video.  Under the protection of all that is good we came together on a sunny (yet chilly) northern California day to create magic together…

From the depths of our hearts we humbly present Tiana Zoumer in Keep On Breathing may you always Believe in YOU!