Watch these videos featuring our Warrior Within clothing! 

LUNA- Tiana Zoumer ~:~ Adaptive Armor Line ~:~

Dark Paradise Hoop Video ~ Tiana Zoumer ~  Wardrobe: Warrior Within Designs

In this amazing hoop dancing video, Warrior Within Designs collaborated with Tiana Zoumer, Hooptown Hotties, and SpinFX Hoops by providing all of the performance and dance clothing fashions you see them wearing throughout.  This is the official music video titled, Dark Paradise, by Jleon & Sylust Beats. Warrior Within Designs created the "Zoumer Onesie" which was specifically designed by a hooper (Tiana Zoumer) for the Hula Hoop dancing community. 



Beats for Boobs Fashion Show 2014

Southern Sun Hoop Medicine


The Winner of 2014 Solo Video Hoopie Award!

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Beats for Boobs 2013